Mapdl.laylist(iel='', layr1='', layr2='', mplab1='', mplab2='', **kwargs)[source]#

Lists real constants material properties for layered elements.



Element number to be listed. If ALL, list all selected elements [ESEL] of the appropriate type. If blank and the current element type is a layered element type, list data from the current real constant table in the layered format.

layr1, layr2

Range of layer numbers to be listed. If LAYR1 is greater than LAYR2, a reverse order list is produced. LAYR1 defaults to 1. LAYR2 defaults to LAYR1 if LAYR1 is input or to the number of layers if LAYR1 is not input.

mplab1, mplab2

Material property labels (e.g., EX) to be listed along with the layer real constants.


Lists real constants and any two material properties for layered shell and solid elements.

If matrix input is selected (KEYOPT(2) = 2 or 3), LAYR1, LAYR2, Mplab1, and Mplab2 are not used.

This command is valid in any processor.